‘WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018’ has successfully ended in Biratnagar

On the first day of the session, Former Minister of Information and Communication Technology Sherdhan Rai attended the session as a chief guest. As it was planned, first day for speaking session, all the speakers seemed to motivate the audience.

WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018

WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018

The program was formally started by singing National Anthem and warm welcome by Khem Nepali, Founder of Aarohan Gurukul Biratnagar. Proceeding forward Mr. Sherdhan Rai gave a short speech on information and technology also he encouraged youths for Entrepreneurship.

WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018

Presentation session was started by Mr. Surendra Shrestha (Co-Founder & CEO at Rigorous web services). In the first presentation, Mr. Shrestha explained about the aspect of developing a career in the WordPress. Second presentation session was taken by Arjun Singh Thakuri, his topic for the presentation was Entrepreneurship in WordPress and he seemed to motivate audience the most. Moving forward Mr. Pravas Karki (Founder & CEO at Idealaya Pvt. Ltd.) explained about Career of Designing in WordPress. Similarly, Mr. Nishal Gurung, gave the idea on startup opportunities in WordPress. The program was further handed to Suvash khadka where he informed about WordPress community and WordCamp in Nepal. Coming end to the program the youngest CEO in Nepal ‘Prithu Singh Thakuri’ explained about carrier development in blogging & it’s future.

Overall this session seemed to be much fruitful to all the audience present in the hall. Speakers explained entrepreneurship is not only about earning money it’s all about fulfilling what we love to do. WordPress is a great platform for designer coder and non-coder also they also explained how WordPress can to be an Entrepreneur.

Rajya Sabha member Sherdhan Rai has said that the task of making state number one on information and technology will be the first priority. Speaking at the event on Saturday, Biratnagar inaugurated the WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018, Former Minister of Information and Communication Technology Minister Rai said he was ready to emphasize technology development with information.

WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018

He said, ‘The medium of information technology must be strengthened in the state unit. Because it’s a lot of potential here in technology. On the first day of the two-day program, Rai mentioned that it is a good possibility for state number one.’

About more than 300+ people from Morang, Sunsari and Jhapa had participated directly in the program organized by the Universities of Biratnagar. Likewise, Nirmal Tamang, member of the National Information Communication and Technology, said that the number of people who participated in the program was similar to the same who participated on Workshop too.

WordPress Biratnagar Meetup 2018

According to Tamang, the prevalence of blogging, making the last time is increasing. He said that the WordPress Meetup would be very fruitful to make it even more systematic, secure and humble. Regarding the program organized in the lower budget, he says, “Even though our desire, technologists here, get more energy from the program.”

Tamang, who said that this program has got a place in Biratnagar five years ago, said the present presence has shown the basis for making the state number one technologist. The program is being organized by youth, students, and business-related entrepreneurs.

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