How To Hide Whatsapp Picture/Videos From Your Phone’s Gallery

Whenever someone sends us any Image or Video, it will be automatically saved into your device Photos gallery. According to their default settings, images will download on auto mode when we are connected to the internet.

It is very necessary for us to hide all Whatsapp DP and Images sometimes from our phone so that no one can access them without your permission.

The reason to hide Whatsapp image or video is simply that our friends who send each and every type of images which are secret in only friends or maybe there is any other reason.

Step To Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery In Android :

1) Open the default File Explorer on your Android device and then find and open the WhatsApp Folder.

whatsapp video

2) Under WhatsApp, you need to find the Media folder and open it.

whatsapp videowhatsapp video

3) Here you will see WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video folder. Select it and then choose the option to Rename.

whatsapp video

whatsapp video


4) Now it’s time for the tricky part, users just need to add a “.” (dot) before the folder name and save it.

whatsapp video

Now close the file explorer and then head over to the Phone’s Gallery, you will no more see the WhatsApp Image and Video folder. To unhide the folders, you just need to open file explorer and then remove the .dot from the folder name.

Step To Hide Whatsapp Pictures From Gallery In iPhone:

hide whatsapp picture and video

1) First of all, go to Settings on your iPhone.

2) Scroll down and select Privacy option from a list.

3) From Privacy options, search and click on Photos button.

4) Now you will see Whatsapp option there, so simply untick Whatsapp photos option from there.

5) Done, now you will not see any Whatsapp images in your Gallery.

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