Fully Customize Your Facebook Account With These Top 5 Chrome Extension

Below are the extensions that you can implement in your browser and have a great experience while using Facebook in that browser. So have a look at all these extensions below.

#5 Flatbook

flatbook for facebook

Install this extension on your Google Chrome browser and you will get to see the facebook in very new look and design. This app customizes the whole look of the Facebook site and whenever you will go to it after enabling this extension, you will see up the facebook in very new design with the whole of the things changed completely like text, Ads (removed), panel styles etc.

#4 Friends Feed

facebook friends feed for facebook online hacker news

Facebook mostly shows the posts that your friends might have seen or liked whatsoever but there is your no relation with all of these posts, doesn’t this feels sticky as you just don’t want to see up every action of your friends with their timeline. To solve out this and remove up that kind of posts and notifications from your Facebook, this app works up the job quite nicely. Just install this extension on your Google Chrome to start enjoying its functions with the facebook.

#3 Save to Facebook

save for facebook online hacker news

Save things to Facebook to read, watch, buy, share, or revisit them later. This is the official Save to the Facebook button. It makes it easy to save things you discover from around the web so you can get back to them to later.

#2 Facebook Chat Privacy

chat privacy for facebook online hacker news

This is a really good extension for the Google Chrome browser through using which you can change the facebook’s behavior and stop it from sending up the constant updates about whether you have read up the message or not, you are typing up the message or not. All these pre-confirmation by the facebook will be stopped easily.

#1 Toolkit For Facebook

Toolkit for facebook online hacker news

Facebook Social Toolkit is a collection of Facebook automation tools that are created to save your time. Well, this will improve your overall Facebook experience because this extension let you do things like unlike all FB pages, post on your own page, delete all comments, like all comments and much more.


Photo Zoom

Photo Zoom for facebook online hacker news

Photo Zoom for a Facebook light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of albums, profile images and more whenever you hover over an image!

So these were the great Google Chrome extensions that you can integrate with your browser so as to customize the facebook account with much more flexibility and control. Just add on all of these or the selected ones to your browser and start to enjoy up to the facebook with more than ever control and features.

Let me know about these extensions in the comment section below.


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