Control Your Android Devices By Sending Text Messages

Now everyone controls their Android smartphone. You will find at least 2-3 Android devices in each house.

It’s hard to manage multiple Android devices like viewing the notifications, keeping track of remaining battery on both the devices, handling the missed and received calls etc.

You are going to mention an app that will help you to remotely retrieve data from your registered device by just sending a text message. Well, with this app you can perform basic things like turning on the WiFi, GPS, Retrieving notifications etc.

How To Control Android Devices By Sending Text Messages

You can control your Android devices by just sending text messages.You don’t need to have a rooted smartphone to enjoy the feature.

  • Download and install Memote app on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store.memote app
  • Open the app and sign in or use the app as a visitor. Now set up the password for the Memote app.
  • You will see the main interface of the app, here you need to swipe the screen from right to left and then tap on “Setup”. There you need to enable the enable the option “Device Administration”.

Now again move to the home screen of the app and you will find lots of icons like Max Volume, Alarm, Turn On WiFi etc. Tap on the command that you want to execute and you will get the command or you can change it to something you prefer.memote appNow open the messaging app on your other phone and then type the below lines



Here replace the password with the one you set on step 3 and the command 1 with the one you found on the command page. For instance, if you want to control the wifi, you have to enter the below lines into the text message.



You can also enter multiple commands in a single message like,





Remember, the commands are all case sensitive.

  •  Send this code to the phone in which you have installed the memote app and the command will be executed as soon as your message is sent.

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